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Big Truck Adventures 3

Try to finish each course before the time runs out. Use your nitro at the best times to keep moving.


Sentry Knight - Conquest

Defend your arena by shooting incoming waves of slime, skeletons & elves. Get a pet bird later on.


Knightfall 2

Double click on similar blocks to attack enemies, grab keys, and make it to the exit without dying.


Easter Eggs

Move the lines around each puzzle as you make slopes to guide the Easter egg into the basket.


Space Blocks

28 physics levels of stacking blocks and other shapes to reach the specified height. Skip any level.


Hold The Line - Zombie Invasion

Shoot the incoming waves of small enemies as you upgrade to new guns. Don't let any pass!


Mothership Warfare

Send waves of soldiers and other military might out against your enemy to defeat their base.


Bug War

Fight off strange creatures and protect the donut. Upgrade your bugs to continue to ward off enemies


Desert Rifle

Blast the incoming waves in this FPS game. Later levels include enemies that are harder to kill.


Day Of Valor

20 levels of jumping from platforms to platform cutting dummies and throwing spears at targets.

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  Fighting Games
Simply spin your arms around both ways & jump as you try to toss as many fighters out of the ring.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles In Time
Fight the foot clan in this arcade box classic, brought into flash. No quarters necessary.
Super Adventure - Battle Arena
Knock off enemies from the floating platform to progress to new levels, where you do the exact same.
Fight off enemies as a stickman in this sidescroller & grab the goodies that fall out of them.
Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers
Fight as & against all classic Street Fighter characters. Try to win as they put up good fights.
Batman Defend Gotham
Fight as Batman against criminals that all look alike. Build power to release your special attack.
Seppuku Jisei
Select your difficulty & slice up enemies that enter the single arena. Chop off heads & more.
Rezer 2
Fight off monsters from a first person perspective. Manage your loadout of your character.
Zombie and Juliet
Kill enemies as you try to knock down doors. Buy upgrades to kill faster. Gets repetitive quickly.
SpringTraps Rampage
Fight others as SpringTrap. Punch with your fist & pick up crowbars to do more damage.
Robo Duel Fight Beast
Fight against AI characters in turn-based style. Match their move to block their attacks.
Ninja Slicer
Keep clicking on your opponent to attack him & take him out. Survive multiple waves as you fight.
Anime Fighters CR - Sasuke
Select between a few anime characters & fight the AI that will make you button mash faster.
Captain America - Sentinel of Liberty
Throw your shield & punches as you grab items in the streets & take down turrets & enemies.
Ninja Cat Episode 1 - The Mysterious Thief
Quickly throw ninja stars as the attack cats & bosses. Time slows when stars are about to hit you.
Im Tyrone
Fight in survival mode for as long as you can, or play the NSFW long dicked mode with bed romps.
Thumb Fighter
Fight in thumb war against the AI, a person at your keyboard, or pit 2 AI against each other.
Comic Stars Fighting III
Progress through levels or try survival mode as you play as multiple cartoon & comic characters.
School of Rock
Explore the world in a top-down view & fight people in turn-based combat from a side perspective.
DinoRobot Battlefield
Fight enemy robo dinos as you pick 1 of 3 attacks. Buy health to survive harder enemies.
3 Little Heroes
Avoid traps on the ground & attack the enemies. Progress through all castles to defeat all bosses.
OnePiece vs Naruto
Select from a bunch of fighters & go up against the computer as you try to win each fight.
Robo Duel Fight 2 - Ninja
Fight against an AI or another person at your keyboard in turn-based attacks & defenses.
The King of Fighters - Wing
Fight against another player at your keyboard. Use combos & power moves to win.
Lets Journey
Fight enemies that you meet along your way. Upgrade your character in this infinite clicker, fighter
Agony - The Portal
Fight in the single arena as you move back n forth. Upgrade your characters powers to be deadlier.
The Animator vs Animation Special Edition
Select tools from the left column as you use their different attacks against the large stickman boss
Pokemon Battle Arena
Fight other Pokemon in different arena setups. Try to hit them off the screen or do enough damage.
Young Lee
Use your mouse position to move, jump & click to attack. Avenge your master as you beat up enemies.
Resonant Voices
Sword fight enemies in this top-down fighter. Use quick attack when charged to do lots of damage.
Battle Blades - Black Version
Spin your blade & try to knock your opponent out of the ring or do enough damage.
Dead Hell
In the single arena, slice incoming enemies. Jump over ones that need multiple attacks to kill.
Purify - The Legend of Z
Fight enemies on platformer-like levels. Pick up drops to pay for upgrades.
Builders Brawl
Fight against the AI builders in this game similar to the "Worms" series. Play in turn-based attacks
Boss Rush Apocalypse
FIght growing bosses as you choose which powerup you want. How many bosses can you defeat?
Robo Duel Fight
Choose your monster & fight against the AI or another player at your keyboard.
Comic Heroes
Select your fighter & fight AI enemies as you try to come out the winner. Levels have platforms.
Chinese Takeout
Fight enemies that grow in strength & powers in this simple arena, pixelated fighter.
Tetraminos Revenge
Fight off the Tetris blocks that fall by chopping them & getting coins. Don't let them fall on you.
Mighty Knight 2
Fight enemies & upgrade. New players are unlocked as you play. Make all fighters AI if you want.
Animation Fighting
Fight as a few different, popular anime characters. Play against the AI or against a 2nd player.
Dragon Ball - Fierce Fighting
Fight off enemies as the groups you fight get larger & larger. Limited combo moves available.
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