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Remnant Lost Legacy

Take cover and grab new weapons as you blast away the enemy creatures and boss monsters.



Defend your castle as you launch rocks and other weapons at the waves of attacking ships.


Nightflies 2

Using limited laybugs, pull blocks in the proper direction. Let fireflies reach the colored bulbs.


Music Catch 2

Grab everything except the red symbols. Try to grow as large as possible. Each level is different.



Upgrade your ship powers in the best order to stay alive. Don't take on too hard of missions.


Necronator 2

Select your clan, and make units to send out waves along the pathway to the enemy castle.


Madness Hydraulic

Stay alive as you take on wave after wave of Madness universe enemies. Install and upgrade turrets.


Huje Adventure

Part adventure, part physics tower building. Build towers to overcome obstacles in this adventure.


Endless Space Defense

Defend your base as you gun down spaceships. Push space turrets into best spots for a good defense.


Raze III

Shoot enemies in this platformer after doing a tutorial that is slow & boring for genre veterans.

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  Retro Games
Hit limited balls & use crosshairs to aim them to break the bricks in Arkanoid fashion.
Rescue Kirby
Spit balls at enemies to encompass them. Then kick the complete ball to knock down other enemies.
Ski Free
Ski down the mountain side, avoiding obstacles & hitting rainbow jumps for air. Beware of Sasquatch.
Helios and the Spartan
Bounce the ball upwards to break the brings like in Arkanoid, but also fight spartans down below.
Newspaper Boy Halloween
Break windows & explode houses. Dodge items on the road, grab candy & upgrade your bike.
Zombie Invaders 2
Shoot the line of zombies that are coming at you from the top. Prevent them from reach you.
Data Worm
Eat the triangles to grow your worm. Avoid pink enemies & grab powerups to change that & kill them.
Notepad Snake
Control the snake & eat fruit. Hit scissors to shorten your length & don't hit sides.
Sky-High Ride
Keep your bike pedaling up & perform tricks. Over pedal & get fatigued in this Excite Bike game.
The Pinball Adventure
Knock the pinball into enemies to progress through each level. Don't let the flippers miss!
Bots n Bubbles
Prevent the bubbles from touching your bot by hitting the grapple hook or rope instead.
UFO - Blackstorm Shield
Protect the city as you absorb enemy shots to power your own. Transfer energy to city shields.
In this pixelated, retro platformer, push boxes to reach the exit flag without getting stuck.
Crazy Alien Snake
Similiar to the original, eat people as your snake grows. This time avoid toxic barrels & drills.
Drop Wizard
Pick your path to travel as you cast spells on creatures to gather them as they roll down platforms.
Knock the grenade back n forth against an AI or other player at your keyboard in Pong fashion.
Similar to Pac-Man, travel through the levels grabbing pills while avoiding baddies.
Magma 2
Move through the Bomberman like level as you blow up enemies & wooden pieces to get the 3 orbs.
Tricky Little Lander
Without using all your fuel, move your lander to the other pad without crashing.
Treasures of Atlantida
Similar to the classic Lander, use fuel to fly your rocket. Get stars, avoid walls & land gently.
Newspaper Boy
Ride your bike & throw newspapers at house windows. Get coins in the street & avoid hitting objects.
Mighty Retro Zero
Play multiple retro games like Pang & Arkanoid in this pixelated game.
Get Closer
Get closer to your love by avoiding the obstacles that surround her. Circularized Frogger gameplay.
Hunger Hunter
Similar to Pacman, avoid the enemies as you try to get all the candy. More monsters as you progress.
Castaway Troops
Attack enemies by moving close to them. Earn & upgrade to become stronger & take on tougher enemies.
Similar to Lemmings, control a single dwarf & create steps & dig to reach the exit door.
Gem Monster
Get all the gems as you avoid being squished under boulders or letting them block your path.
Play on a small Tetris board where you have to draw out the shapes & where you want them to go.
Story of The Harvest
Shoot incoming tomatos & pumpkins in a style similar to Invaders. Earn money to buy new guns.
Crazy Digger 2 - Level Pack
Dig threw the blocks & reach all the gems. Make some items fall to reveal a gem inside.
Hi-Speed Road-Cross
Similar to Frogger, try to make it across the street in a single bolt of speed.
Mole Mines
A reimagining of Minesweeper. Dig & flag mines in an octagon layout.
Post-Apocalyptic Italian Delivery
Deliver pizzas around town without taking too much damage in this pixelated, retro, management game.
Dig threw circuits & avoid the bombs dropping on you as you grab pickups & reach the exit.
Similar to Breakout, hit the bomb back & forth as you destroy buildings in the city below your UFO.
Kirby Bomberman
Play a game of Bomberman with different colored Kirby characters. Grab powerups to help you win.
Play the classic Asteroids game, but buy upgrades to make your ship better as you can afford it.
Pirate Wars
Place mines in the water from your pirate ship as you try to blow up your enemy in Bombman.
Noidzor 2
Knock the ball against the blocks to break them. Upgrade your character to have a better effect.
Cathode Raybits
Shoot enemies & grab coins before they disappear in this old school, small windowed platformer.
As the level rotates, place the Tetris-like blocks in the best spots possible to clear more blocks.
The Adventures of Kroma
Jump on platforms & avoid spikes & pigmies in this retro looking, pixelated action platformer.
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