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Big Pixel Zombies

Shoot the zombies and buy guns and armor with your kills. Don't get backed into a corner!


Civiballs 2

30 levels of releasing balls into their correct vase in this physics puzzler.


Galaxy Siege

Keep your ship powered, protected, & grabbing resources as you go up against enemies & bosses.


Orcs Attack

Aim your cannon and take out all enemies, and blast threw their buildings.


Core Defense

Defend your power core as you shoot enemies and place turrets on your power core for extra defense.


Catastrophic Construction 2

Solve physics puzzles as you balance shapes and hold down some shapes with... um more shapes.



Click groups of the same colored blocks. Instead of dropping regularly they drop with physics.



Manage your zombie fighting team from starting car engine, to getting sleep in barricaded buildings.


Zomgies 2

Run and blast zombies as you run through the level. Cause explosions and get new weapons every level


The Circular Blot

An easy physics game of guiding your small ball into the goal with a larger ball.

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Oswald - The Angry Dwarf
Chop down items as you upgrade your items. Quite lame that you need luck when forging new axes.
Cupcake Empire
Keep clicking the cupcake to produce cupcakes & grow your cupcake empire.
Cat Clicker MLG
Click the cat in this idle clicker and unlock lots of different upgrades to keep you busy.
10 Challenge
In this idle clicker, build different bakery items to earn more money, to unlock other recipes.
Poop Clicker
Grow the pile of poop in this idle clicker. Increase the number of clicks by buying upgrades.
Abduction - Grannys Version
In this idle game, drag your mouse back n forth over the UFO. As you earn money, visit upgrade shop.
Harvest Story
Part idle clicker, part management. Grow more & more crops to gain more & more money.
Old TV
In this idle clicker, bang on the TV, buy upgrades & purchase help to try & get the TV working.
Follow the tutorial to give you an idea of how to play. Steep learning curve in this idle clicker.
Heavy Eater
Feed the fatso the right foods in this part management game, part idle clicker.
Beat up highway wanders in this idle clicker. Gain money & progress.
Water Ragdoll
Mess around with water, balls, balloons & a stickman. Tie ropes & play with physics.
In this idle game, grow your online social status by blogging & tweeting & clicking.
The Idle RPG 2 - Renicipation
Sit back & watch your character go on a journey & explore the world without any interaction from you
Combat enemy cows & mine to afford upgrades in this RPG-ish idle clicker.
Card Hunter Idle
Search through packs of cards as you upgrade & try to find more. Don't forget to watch other screens
Stick Hero III
Sit back as your hero fights. Collect EXP that drops & buy upgrades to progress faster.
Idle - A City Upgrade Game
Upgrade 6 aspects of your city to develop your city faster & to earn more money.
White Umbrellas
A short platformer game that is more about the story told, then the length of the gameplay.
Farm of Souls
Grow & upgrade your team of farmers. Help them farm more resources faster.
The Idle RPG
Sit back & watch the RPG play itself. Watch as you go on quests & gain skill & earn gold.
Super Benching Simulator
Keep benching & upgrade your lifter & his workout bench in this idle clicker.
Sticker Idle
Place your stickers as you unclock them. Upgrade your clicks & auto clicks to gain money faster.
Run a Profit
Buy power bars to afford runners & buy runners to afford sponsors in this idle clicker.
Idle Game Dev
Click the make game button to earn money. Earn enough to hire & hone your skills even more.
Earn money & spend that money on the resources that will best help earn more in the idle clicker.
Idle Tree
Click the tree to earn clicks to buy upgrades in this slow progressing idle clicker.
Business Simulator
In this idle clicker, grow each business to gain more money. Play the stocks & chance side games.
Whack Your Neighbour
Click on items that highlight & use them against your neighbour to kill him.
Idle Choco Tycoon
Click icons to produce items to grow your chocolate empire. Hire managers to do it automatically.
Piggy Bank Smash
Spin your hammer around & knock the money out of the piggy bank. Buy upgrades with money gained.
Spell Idle
Cast spells & earn money to upgrade & afford new spells in this idle clicker.
Idle Recruit
Build your team by recruit more & training your existing employees to make money faster & faster.
Electric Rubber 2
Move your mouse & click on the charging station in this idle clicker. Sell power to buy upgrades.
Dont Whack Your Teacher
USe different items around the room to kill your teacher in new ways.
Replaying The Game
Play each level that has a joking theme. Includes a short FPS level.
Orange Roulette
Test your luck by spinning revolver chamber, shooting yourself, or AI opponent. How risky can it get
Acceleration Incremental
Increase the speed of your spaceship in this idle clicker. Save up for exspensive speed boosts.
Slim World
Build up your kingdom as you help the slim mine & forage in this infinite clicker.
Whack the Thief
Click on different items in the game to watch the violent animations against the thief breaking in.
The Game
Jump off the single platform as each level pokes fun & makes jokes about the next level.
Idle Monster Slayer
In this idle clicker, grow your group earning you money. Buy expensive upgrades once you earn a lot.
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