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Crush The Castle

Crush the castles with your catapult as you launch your rocks and try to kill everybody inside.


Vox Populi Vox Dei

Run and dive into werewolves and start to rip them apart. Don't let other werewolves see you.


Plazma Burst 2

A sidescroller shooter with nice graphics and gun upgrades. Blast the robots & other creatures away.


Shoot The Bastards

Shoot all the workers coming to take down the forest. Upgrade sniper as they get better machinery.


Super Stacker 2

40 new levels of stacking shapes and keeping them from falling over. Levels get crazy and puzzling.


Volt Connect

Connect the different volt creatures to connect all that are on each level.


Sword and Fire

Select the path to send your built units on. Buy & upgrade your units between levels to combat enemy


Fire Truck 2

Fill your fire truck up with water, then drive over the hilly terrain without spilling it all.


Beach Bike

Ride your bike over rocks and slopes on the beach as you try to stay balanced without tipping over.


Go Home Ball 2

Place springs, & sticks to get the colored balls to all the stars, and reach their proper holes.

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  Shooting Games
Evil Sun
As the sun, fire different types of arsenal at incoming forces. Protect the building at all costs.
Ultimate Galactic Battle
Dodge enemy fire in this top-down spaceship shooter. Go against bosses & unlock new types of ammo.
Moon Defender
Shoot asteroids, satellites & aliens. Ammo is gained by pickups from dead enemies.
Bullet Heaven 2
Shoot enemies & gather coins in this top-down shooter. Nice graphics, but be patient for load time.
Zoo Pop Panic
Shoot all the animals to earn money for better guns. Animals bounce on screen edges.
Cowboys vs Aliens
Avoid UFO fire as you switch weapons & keep from overheating as you fire. Includes upgrade shop.
Zombie Truck 2
Dodge obstacles in your truck, as you shoot zombies & upgrade your weaponary.
Empire Defender
Throw boulders at the incoming forces to keep them away from your position.
Call of Duty - Das Arkaden
Be extremely quick at shooting the enemies that pop out. Limited ammo & you health plummets quick.
Heavy Shooter
Shoot the enemies that pop out from behind cover. Hit them fast or end up taking lots of damage.
Defend The Castle
Aim accurately & shoot the incoming forces. Earn money to buy a few new guns.
Agent Sky
Shoot enemies in this top-down shooter. Shoot crates to get new guns.
Warzone Battle
Shoot the terrorists that run out from behind cover. Zoom in & shoot or try to hit without.
Feel This Paint
Defend your stack of boxes as you chain paint color, to hit the enemies & make them explode.
CDrone Survival
Survive long enough for the pick up to come onto the screen. Upgrade different aspects of your ship.
Baron Samedi
Shoot the different monsters that come into the arena. Line up your character so your shots hit.
Soldier vs Zombies
In the single arena, shoot the zombies & gather the coins they drop before they disappear.
Zombie Cute School Defense 2
Defend the school from the incoming zombie invasion by shooting them back & upgrading.
Halloween Rampage
Defend yourself from zombies coming from the left & right. Watch out for falling tombstones.
Zombie Mall
Shoot the zombies in this sidescroller. Watch out for snipers on the 2nd level.
Pirates Kaboom
Shoot enemy forces that are attacking you from the sky & water. Upgrade to last longer.
Artificial Junk
Defend your spot as you shoot incoming baddies. Pick up coins to upgrade your robot head.
Mario Torpedo
Aim your auto-firing cannon at the enemies of Mario. Keep visiting upgrade shop to last longer.
Jungle Armed Getaway
Shoot the persuing vehicles & try to protect the buggy. Buy drops & upgrade your gun & buggy.
Fire your stationary turret & take out all the aircrafts flying overhead. Don't let them drop things
Boxhead - A Halloween Special
Shoot the zombies as you round up the survivors. Get them safely to the exit point as you repeat.
Dragon And The Zodiac
Shoot as a dragon in this top-down shooter. Shoot enemies & dodge their fire to rescue animals.
AntiZombie Bunker
Defend your turret as you take out zombies with headshots. Earn a lot to buy expensive upgrades.
Crystal Defense
Defend your location as a simple stickman. Fire your arrows just right to hit the incoming stickmen.
Cyndre Phase
Fire your immovable turret at the incoming missiles. Take them all out & then face level bosses.
Zombies vs Nora
Defend your position & take out incoming zombies with bought guns & air strikes.
Bullet Fury
Peek around corners & take out soldiers before they lower your HP too much in this FPS.
Battlefield Shooter 2
Defend your base by shooting from the side ridge. Take out soldiers & war vehicles.
Strike Force Heroes 3
Play on arenas & shoot the AI bots. Later game modes change & bots are added to your squad.
Zombie Ace
Shoot bats, ghosts & spiders as you touch coins with your crosshairs to earn money for upgrades.
Zombie Defender
Shoot the zombies coming into town. Grab dropped crate loot to gain new guns & ammo.
Death Arena - Reality Show
Shoot enemies in this sidescroller, shooter. Reach bosses, gain money & stars for upgrades.
Ultimate Revenge
Shoot, slash & explode enemies that are coming after you. Move left and right in each new arena.
Alien Hunter
Fly threw space, collect coins & shoot space eggs to collect & sell aliens for better parts.
Sushi Showdown
Jump over gaps & avoid electric walls. Rescue hostages & shoot the enemies that pace back n forth.
Death Cabin
In the single arena level, touch crates to get new guns. Shoot new enemies that appear. Limited ammo
Fish & Destroy
Eat regular fish while shooting devil fish & bomb fish. Grab batteries for energy.
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