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Toxie Radd

Stay alive as you blast the zombies with multiple guns. Manage your health to stay alive as you move


Battle Panic

Gather resources to upgrade & purchase archers & soldiers to defend your base against the horde.


Momentum Missile Mayhem

Call in reinforcements, deploy nukes & fire your main plasma turret to defend & take out the enemies


Level Editor 2

Solve the puzzles by editing the level so the stickman can grab coins and reach the exit.


Zombies in the Shadows - 20 to Die

Survive for 20 minutes in this great looking top-down shooter. Grab health and upgrades for guns.


Monster Slayers

Create and upgrade units as you control when they attack, and retreat from the enemy.


Amigo Pancho 5 - Arctic & Peru

Clear away sand & avoid spikey objects as you try to get Pancho to float to the top safely.


Assembler 4

Physics puzzles with moving shapes and getting the green box into the green marked area.


Max Dirt Bike 2

Drive your dirt bike over the lines as you keep from tipping over, watch out for tricky levels.


Tower Defence Generals

Complete each level as you build your firing towers and power-up towers. Don't let any enemies threw

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  Sniper Games
Kill Osama Bin Laden
Snipe terrorists & take out Osama Bin Laden. Once dead, cut his head off for proof to the government
Professional Sniper 3
Read your mission and fire at the correct stickmen. Some levels require you to be very quick.
Shadow Agent
Read your mission and try to blast the brains out of the correct targets.
City Sniper
Read your missions and shoot the correct stickman that matches your objective.
Fast Sniper 2
Quickly snipe your target after reading your briefing. Don't miss or shoot civilians or it's over.
Survive Crisis
Zoom into the specified region and snipe the baddies. Unlock new regions as you clear the previous.
Tactical Assassin 3
Read mission objectives, and get ready to air out some stickmen heads as you make tiny headshots.
Sniper Hero 2
After clearing 20 targets, progress to real sniper levels. If you die, you have to start all over.
The Fall of Scorpion Garcia
Carefully snipe the slim stickmen. Dodge bullets and hit moving targets in later levels.
Sniper Hero
Pop up and snipe soldiers, and duck before your spotted. Repeat to stay alive & move through levels.
Sniper - The Streets
Snipe the stickmen that your boss instructs you to in your mission objectives. Be accurate or lose.
City Sniper
Pan left and right and zoom in on the baddies and fire before they take down your health to zero.
Swat 2.5
Read your mission objective and then spot the target and blow a hole in their brains.
Carlos Revenge
Read your mission objective and then snipe only those that need sniping.
Head Hunter
Decode the transmission of your target, snipe your target, then zipline over and cut their head off!
Sniper Assassin - Final
Read mission objectives as you blast snipers. Snipe some targets in the proper order.
Fast Sniper
Read your mission briefing and then fire (and hit) at your target as quickly as possible.
Shoot Em Up - Hidden Foes
Spot all the hiding enemies in each scene as you snipe them. Find them as fast as possible.
Universal Sniper
After a long intro to get you set, read your mission objectives and take out your target.
Lock n Load
Snipe the soldiers in the villages below. Hide when they go on alert. Shoot surveillance cameras too
Sniper Dude
Find the tiny stickmen hiding in each landscape scene and blast them away. Can you spot them all?
Counter Snipe
Find the enemies shooting at you and snipe them. Go for headshots for 1 hit, 1 kill.
Assassin Jane Doe
After being shown what your target looks like, find them and snipe them. Includes escape missions.
Sift Heads World - Act 4
Watch the intro and mid-level videos as you blast open some stick heads with pistols & sniper rifles
Sneaky Sniper 2
Read your mission objective and then blast some blood out of some brains. Can you hit their heads?
The Death of a Warlord
Snipe stickmen that you're instructed to in your mission briefing, Short and sweet.
Pro Sniper
Start with training levels and shooting targets. Snipe all stickmen on later levels after training.
Sniper Hostile Territory
Read and complete your sniping missions of blast holes in stickmen heads. Don't shoot wrong!
Sniper Freedom
Use your sniper to solve puzzles. Unlike most sniper games, don't use it to kill anyone.
D Sniper
Read your mission objectives, then shoot the correct stickmen to progress to new missions.
Peek over the building top as you snipe stickmen below. Careful, stick snipe you back!
Brass Chamber
Snipe the soldiers moving from one base to another. Shoot the gas tanks on the army tanks.
Terrorist Sniper
Zoom into the scene and blast holes into the terrorist snipers that are positions throughout.
Awesome Sniper Man
Keep the enemy stickmen away from your tower as you snipe them with headshots. Upgrade your sniper.
Sniper Hunter 5
Spot all the black stickmen hiding in the scene. Be quick on multiple scenes.
Sniper Hunter 4
Spot the black stickmen hiding in dark shadows and gun them down. Can you spot them all?
Sniper Hunter 3
Spot the black stickmen in each scene and snipe them. Can you spot them all?
Sni[p]r 3 - Apocalypse
Defend your position as you upgrade your sniper rifle and base. Don't let anything pass.
Protect the base as you kill all the incoming waves of enemy soldiers and vehicles.
Sniper Hunter 2
Spot all the stickmen hiding in the scene and shoot them. Can you spot them all?
Prison Sniper
Gun down all the prisoners attempting to escape. Later levels require you to avoid shooting guards.
Elite Sniper
A short stick sniper game of shooting the correct stick figures to complete your missions. Be quick!
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