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Old Mario Bros

Run and jump on platforms and goombas in the Mario universe as you stay alive and complete levels.


Red Remover

Click to remove certain boxes while preventing others from falling off the screen using physics.


Kaboomz 2

Cause physics chain reactions to pop the red balloons and to free the blue ones.



Shoot the incoming stickmen and tanks as you upgrade your gun and defenses. Go for headshots!


Quest For Power 2

Send out soldiers to attack the enemies and take down towers. Use your cannon to help your troops.


Revert to Growth

Control where plants grow to help you achieve goals on each level. Don't grow in wrong areas!


Go Home Ball

Place the needed items to help the red ball make it home. Careful, they disappear shortly after.


PC Defense

Setup your towers on 3 different difficulty maps. Upgrade towers after you place them carefully.


Bubble Tanks Tower Defense

Place your bubble tanks to defeat incoming bubble waves. Merge bubble tanks into mega towers.



Pick your workforce and set their directions as you control office cubicles and become stronger.

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  Management Games
Ringside Hero
Train your fighter enough to win the fights. Earn money to buy upgrades through the shop.
Awesome Happy Heroes
Train heroes to beef up their stats & build rooms in your hideout to help them defeat villians.
Crap Im Broke
Take on jobs outside & earn the money needed for your increasing bills.
Teenas Family Hut
Direct families to tents & bring them water while keeping the tents clean.
Manage your village & animals as you help them evovle. Gather rewards for more points to spend.
Taxi Dubai
Manage your taxi service as you quickly pick up your next passenger & take them to the waypoint.
Diner Kids
Build up different areas of the park & meet each days goal to continue to progress & earn.
Hospital Frenzy 3
Take care of patients that come in the front doors. Drag them to the proper health station to help.
My First Restaurant
Take care of the customers that come in by taking orders & selecting items in the food menu.
Graveyard Tycoon
Buy grave plots & slide public opinion to help kill more people & sell more land.
Marinas Jewelry
Look at the customers request, place the gems in the jewlery, box it & hand it to them to make money
Manage the coffee shop by picking ingredients before starting each day & serving customers.
Fifis Chocolate Kitchen
Bring customers all the treats they request quickly. Pick up their money when they pay.
Pony Farmer
Take care of horses & also grow a garden. Manage supplies to feed your horses.
Roxy Instrument Store
Walk customers around to test different instruments. Lead them to the counter once they decide.
Machiavellian Suns
Explore space & make allies & invade other species. Take control before your turns run out to win.
Pet Shop - Puppy and Kitty
Pamper your customers pets that come in & want their pets groomed & taken care of.
Cinema Time
Take care of movie goers as you get them tickets & popcorn. Expand as you earn more money.
Whats For Dinner
Prepare dinner by finding the right food items & cutting them for the required recipe.
Graveyard Tycoon 2
Manage & grow your graveyard lots. Bribe public officials to sway laws & public opinion.
Taras Fashion Boutique
Manage your clothes shop as you take care of customers needs & purchase new additions to your shop.
Merchant of Pasai
Manage your towns shop, but also play levels of fighting off pirates. Earn money either way.
Hospital Frenzy 2
Take care of patients that walk in the front door of the hospital. Drag them to different stations.
Select your team & make them dig, dust off & find buried relics. Earn money for new tools.
Laundry Manager
Take care of customers clothes they bring in. Take them around to the proper stations to get paid.
Sushi Rush
Match sushi to add them to your supplies. Click the foods to serve them to customers waiting above.
Fantastic Football
Manage your soccer teams play style & decide when they should play agreesively or protect your goal.
Racing Comrade
Manage your comrade runner. Train his abilities & decide when he uses them in the race.
Pizza City
Pick up pizzas & deliver them to the customers around town. Watch your gas levels & the roads.
Sheep Farm
Many aspects of managing your sheep, their wool & milk produced from them. Sell & buy products too.
Grand Prix Management
Manage your F1 drivers & upgrade their skill & car. No actual control over race car, only managing.
Toy Titan
Swap your workers at the toy factory. Watch their icons, upgrade their skills & keep them busy.
Homeless Steve
Manage Steve's life as you gain strength, steal, work, get food & stay alive.
Guild Dungeons
Gain resources to build & grow your village. Lots of options to explore & build from.
Painters Guild
Manage your painters as you increase their skills, make them rest & take orders for paintings.
Collect articles from your journalists. Manage their coffee intake & money.
Village of Nightmares
Manage your squads as you send them off to loot & investigate. Get back to the village before night.
BotArena III
Piece together your bot with the best components to win the battles against AI bots.
Frenzy Casino
Manage your casino as you drag n drop visitors to different tables. Multiple floors to manage.
Farm Frenzy
The original Farm Frenzy. Gather eggs, plant grass, capture bears & selling all your products.
My Soccer Game
Manage your soccer team. Train up their lower skills & you try to climb the soccer ranks & win games
Switchman 2
Control the traintrack intersections. Make sure trains have a clear path to travel on.
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