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Throw your grenades and blow up your enemies. Tons of levels that get harder and harder.



Click on the blue blocks to shatter them while keeping all the red blocks from falling off the map.


Flaming Zombooka 3 - Carnival

Fire your rocket launcher and cannonballs to solve the puzzles and kill all the zombies.


Electric Doyu

Guide your Doyu buy activating the electric grapples to guide it around the map without harm.


Robot Wants Kitty

You're a robot. Grab symbols that unlock your abilities and doors to get that kitty.



Extend your gooey cord as you grab stars, trigger buttons, avoid sticky walls, & reach the chest.


Gibbets 2

Fire your bow n arrow accurately as you try to break all the ropes choking the people. Save them all



Search each city for survivors. Find money to buy new weapons for turn based RPG fighting.


Moon Rocks

Place your towers on the ground as you defend yourself against falling moon rocks. Beat opponents!



Place your guys on all sorts of different maps as you try to protect the village against the enemies

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  Physics Games
Zombienguins Attack
Drop different items to try and crush all the zombie penguins & get all the stars.
Super Bomb
Drop the bomb on the red guys as you move & rotate fans to push the bomb into stars first.
Fruit vs Zombies
Slice ropes & release fruit & bombs to take out bad bears & push others off the screen.
Cover Orange - Journey Gangsters
Use the items given to cause reactions that will protect the orange from the bad rain that falls.
Disaster Will Strike 6 - New Distasters
Use the right elements to solve the puzzle & squish eggs & boss enemies.
Pumpkin Delivery
Place objects to get the pumpkin to roll all the way to the exit hole.
Kill The Creeper
Remove the correct blocks that will get the creep sliding to his death in the lava.
Cover Orange - Players Pack 3
Drop the shapes to cause physical chain reactions that push the oranges into safe spots, then cover.
Vacuum items to suction objects. Use this to solve puzzles & collect all the fuzz balls.
Catch the Crowns
Drop square stones, circular logs & fire cannons. Get the stars & take out the knights.
Candy Ride 3
Push the candy through the track & portals as you try to get enough to the boy.
Fruits 2
Jump fruit to break glass, pop balloons to launch fruit & cut ropes to send fruit falling.
Elephant Zooballs
Simple physics puzzles in this short physics game of getting the 2 elephant balls to touch.
Catch the Apple 2
Click the hedgehog to attach a balloon. Get the apples & click buttons & creatures for help.
Use rocks, iceballs & fireballs to get the egg safely back to the nest, after getting 3 stars.
Balloon Hero
Control the hero directly. Get stars & use physics to help keep him safe from spikes.
Impulse J4 - Summer
Place orbs so that they join & make a tower. Build a smart structure that has a strong base.
Tortuga Siege
Drop objects & smiley pirates as you protect them in "Cover Orange" fashion.
Dracula Boom
Make the explosive potion roll & explode near the vampire to kill him.
World of Panda
Get the panda rolling & reaching all the candy. Get to the exit & avoid spikes.
Blast Out
Place limited bombs to knock cubes & baddies off the screen. Don't knock off friendlies.
Loved Monsters 2 - Seasons
Break ice blocks & turn certain bricks on & off to get the 2 love monsters together.
Candy Ride 2
Controlling the large, red candy, push the smaller candies through the level & get to the boy.
Donutosaur 2
Create reactions that push, pull, roll & float your monster. Get stars, candy & the donut to win.
Flower Flyer
Click on characters to push & pull the yellow flowers into the rainbow vortex.
Magnet Crane
Use your crane to lift & move blocks. Stack the shapes to reach a certain height.
Drag & rotate the shapes to fill the empty box. Use 90 degree angles to spot corners.
Sink My Treasure
Grab onto objects to cause physical reactions that get the treasure chest to drop into the water.
Bombing Zombies
Remove items to get bombs rolling to zombies or visa-versa. Explode all zombies to win.
Impulse J5 - Nights
Play with a given set of connectors. Stick the balls together to make any structure you want.
Bouncy and Monsto
Remove objects to cause a chain reaction. Get the blue creature to roll to the orange monster.
Space Hero
Create the blocks that get the hero rolling. Clear items at the right times to succeed.
Disaster Will Strike - Defender
Remove the ground & change wind direction as you break the rotten eggs & save the good ones.
Goodbye Sadness
Remove the regular smilies to get the grinning smiley to the sad smiley.
Bad Piggies Online 2015
Play tons of levels of pieces together components to create a useable machine that reaches the end.
Finger Physics
Stack & remove objects in different types of physics gameplay modes. Watch those stacks!
Wooden Adventure
Remove the blocks to get the small wooden ball into the holder. Move the wrong ones & lose it.
Penguins Fun Fall
Remove the blocks at the right time & right order to make the penguin get the red guy.
Nightflies 2
Using limited laybugs, pull blocks in the proper direction. Let fireflies reach the colored bulbs.
Zombie Rescue Time
With limited clicks, remove the wooden blocks that will get the zombie to the ground, so he can die.
Save Astronauts
Drop barrels & beams to protect the astronauts from the UFO laser beam. Watch out for explosions!
Cover Pou Summer
Drop the objects above the dotted line. Create a safe place for Pou to wait out the storm.
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