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Cargo Bridge - Armor Games Edition

Build strong bridges so your grunts gain access to packages. Don't let bridges crumble under stress.


Help The Hero

Fit as much loot into the given space, then sell it and equip the hero to counter-attack the enemy.


Cat With Bow Golf 2

Shoot your bow and arrow that the cat is attached to. Get to the target in as few shots as possible.


Top Truck 2

Drive and balance your monster truck as you keep from tipping. Includes driving over zombies mode.


Pirateers 2

Man your pirate ship & shoot at enemy ships. Gather resources & repair & upgrade your boat.


My Friend Pedro Arena

In platformer / arena gameplay, shoot enemies, slow down time & earn points to unlock new arenas.


Island Tribe 2

Repair roads, gather water & gold. Collect honey to ward of bees as you build totems.


The Boomlands

Send your soldiers, archers, and wood gatherers out as you attempt to defeat the opposing castle.


Collapse It

Plant explosives and drop bombs to crumble structures and kill all the people on each map.


Sword and Fire

Select the path to send your built units on. Buy & upgrade your units between levels to combat enemy

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  Sports Games
Free Kick Expert
Kick the soccer ball on the right parts & giving it the right power to hit bonuses & score high.
GS Soccer World Cup Edition
Play soccer from an overhead view. Controls are hard & has a steep learning curve.
Paul Vaulting
Raise the bar how high you think you can vault over it. Test your skills with quirky controls.
Ultimate Swish
Time your vertical & horizontal button presses for your basketball shot.
Spanish Liga 2016
Play goalie & kicker as you try to out score the AI in each new competition.
Sports Heads Football Championship 2015/16
Try to kick the soccer ball into your opponents goal more times than he kicks it into yours.
Boxing Live - Round 2
Train your fighter & practice against your coach, then take it to a real tournament fight.
Supermarket Bowling
Select your angle & power as you try to knock out all the zombies as hard as you can.
Zombie Home Run
Bash the incoming zombies with your bat. Hit them outwards to fly & hit other zombies for stars.
Play vollyball against the AI & try to make them miss the bomb on their side, so it explodes.
Try Hard - 2015 Rugby World Cup Combat
Toss the rugby ball back n forth, as each runners energy is depleted. Dodge the opponents.
Messi Can Play
As injured Messi, time your kicks just right to get your soccer shots pass defenders.
Corporate Soccer 2
Play soccer with jet packs with up to 3 other players at your keyboard. No AI player options tho.
Soccer Star
Time your kicks right to have an accurate kick towards the target without the goalie blocking them.
Battle Golf
Make your angle & power just right to hit the golf ball into the hole. Play with 2 at your keyboard.
Football Fizzix
Control your ragdoll soccer players to jump up & knock different objects into your opponents goal.
Ski Runner 2
Ski down the hill & pickup pills to cause physcodelic reactions. Upgrade & unlock new slopes.
Heroic Sports Football
Play soccer in top-down view, but also manage your team & their acquired skills.
Gem Golf 2
Hit the golf ball as few times as possible, while trying to gather all the gems on each course.
Arkadium Mini Golf
Place the golf ball in the best spot, to hit it on an angle & get it to the hole in as few shots.
Football Heads Champions League 2014/15
Defend your own soccer goal & kick the ball pass your opponent to score. Change the field layout.
Freekick Mania
Watch the wind direction & kick the soccerball on the best trajectory to score pass the defenders.
Baseball Blast
Hit pitches that are made to you quickly. Try to hit objects in the distance & get powerups.
Billiard Blitz Hustle
Practice or play against AI players. Take turns hitting the pool balls into the most pockets.
FOG Golf
A difficult game of swinging just right to hit the ball over obstacles & into the hole.
Rugby Ruckus
Chase & be chased as you play different modes in this top-down perspective Rugby game.
Blueprint Billiards
Hit the pool balls into the pockets as you compete against the AI trying to beat you.
4x4 Soccer
Drive your 3D Hummer on the playing field as you try to push the large soccer ball into the goal.
Sports Heads Football Championship
Jump to head or kick the soccerball. Get it into the goal without the AI getting the ball behind you
Hip-Hop Tennis
Play against the AI tennis player & try to hit the ball in the direction so he misses.
Kill The Keeper
Time your kicks perfectly to kick soccer balls into the goal. Distrance the goalie with kicked bombs
Aztec Golf
Hit the gold ball with just enough power to go into the hole. Later levels include contraptions.
Pic n Pop
Beat the time as you toss the basketball to other players on your team & make baskets.
Endless Touchdown
Keep running & try to score touchdowns on the stadiums that are back to back. Avoid getting tackled.
Golf Is Hard
Hit the golf ball with just enough power to get a hole in one. Power scale forces game to be hard.
Crazy Skater
Skateboard & grab coins as you do tricks. Don't crash into items or jump over finish sign.
Kick the soccer ball into the goal, while avoiding new items that appar in your way.
Robinson vs. Birds
Have coconuts pitched to you, as you bat at them. Hit birds in the right order in later levels.
Swipe the screen in different directions to change how you hit the tennis ball to the AI player.
Animal Olympics Diving
Dive your penguin into the water. Perform epic twists & turns to get the best scores from judges.
Insane Snowboarding
Ski down the mountain as you guide your boarder. Keep up your speed or the UFO will kill you.
Stroke It Lucky
Hit the golf ball by clicking & dragging BEHIND it. Use the right golf club with help from the game.
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