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Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Pick your attack in this great looking RPG turn based attacking game. Strange creatures included.


300 Miles to Pigsland

As your pig auto runs, jump holes, bear traps, wolves, & more. Distance-like game with upgrades.


Evil Forest

Grab bags of money & upgrade as you fight off monsters in this platformer with random levels.


My Pet Protector

Build up your character as you earn money and buy items to make you stronger to attack enemies.



Shoot the physics blocks out from under the guy. Don't let him touch the ground as the blocks wobble


Need Water

Draw a pathway for the water to flow. Reach all the gems & get enough water into the pipe.


Bike Champ

Tilt and lean your bike over a bunch of levels with physic enabled shapes. Gets tricky and fun.


4 Wheel Madness 2.5

Race against the CPU driving in the background. Tilt and lean your way over the obstacles.


Super Mario Defence

Setup Mario universe turrets to kill waves of Mario characters. Only certain towers will win.


In Another Chateau

Solve puzzles as you reach new heights by shooting boxes out of your box shooting gun.

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  Skill Games
Spider Stickman - Clash of Clans
Grapple to objects & keep from scrolling off the screen. Try to keep up with the auto-scroll.
Super Security
Pick up those that enter your delivery zone & throw them into others that look like them.
Bouncy Cannon
Fire shots to break all the correct colored blocks & while preventing some guys from falling off.
Astro Teemo
Fly up n down as you avoid lasers & blasts coming at you. Grab as many coins as you can.
Bomb The Pirate Pigs
Jump on platforms, get the stars & blow up pandas before your bomb timer runs out.
Flappy Bird 2
Click to flap your wings like in the original. The game rotates & pipes move up and down.
Cowboy Feats
Ricochet your limited shots to hit cowboys, avoid damsels & hit rolling spiked balls.
Pig Destroyer
Launch your pig just right to hit all the birds. Watch out for 1 way portals.
Space Duuude
Click to push your alien where you want him to go. Grab bolts & screws as you avoid other objects.
Paper Cannon 3
With unlimited shots, fire cannonballs that explode & kill all the right colored creatures.
Mall Jam
Punch threw signs & obstacles in this infinite runner. Has levels & powerups. Die & restart at 1st.
Climb or Drown 2
Jump up on boxes as the water rises. Use bombs & power ups to stay above the water without drowning.
Run for as long as possible in this infinite runner, as you jump over gaps.
Fire Helicopter
Carefully pick up water & drop it on all the fires before you run out of fuel.
Rocket Boots Inc.
Jump over laser obstacles with jump boots. Gather coins to afford upgrades.
Rescue Brigade
Move your trampolin around & catch all the people that are jumping out of the burning building.
Mimmy Cat
With limited jumps, aim & launch your cat around obstacles & to eat all the mice.
Faster Than Zombies
Jump & get coins as you avoid obstacles & keep up your speed to stay away from pursuing zombies.
Finger vs Farmers
Swing your clicked finger around as you smash cows & chicken, while you try to kill the farmer.
Jump just right to make it onto platforms & avoid gaps, spikes & lasers.
Adventure Plane
Control all directions that your plane flies. Keep from hitting walls & the ground as you fly.
Twin Drivers - Level 9000
Control 2 cars at the same time as you decide when they switch lanes. Pickup stars & avoid crashes.
Sports Heads Football Shot Training
Carefully kick limited soccerballs & try to hit the targets. Gets extremely hard once targets move.
99 Stakes
Shoot stakes at the vampires & make each of them pop. You can move your crossbow for better shots.
Ninja vs Zombies
Give your ninja just the right amount of jump & angle to land on all the zombies or to push objects.
Zombie Shooter 2
Aim your shots to break chains & make items drop on zombies or kill zombies with direct bullet shots
Skullys Quest
Knock down the stacked objects in this Halloween themed game, similar to Angry Birds.
GhostBombers 2
Explode near ghosts to make them fall. Grab them before they fall off the level completely.
Vikings vs Zombies
Throw your axe at zombies & TNT barrels. Slice threw multiple zombies & 1 shot an entire level.
Skulls n Bones
In Angry Bird style, fire skulls at boney structures & caskets. Break all caskets to win each level.
Shoot Shoot Pumpkin
As a witch, fire your shots & loosen all the floating pumpkins.
Kill a Skeleton
Fire limited shots to cause enough damage to the hanging skeleton. Make him fall for more damage.
Rush of Tanks
Change lanes & shoot cars & tanks. Grab coins to buy upgrades back on the main menu.
Pumpkinhead Jump
As a pumpkin, jump from scary creature to scary creature. Grab candy mid-jump & even double jump.
Pyro Launcher
Launch bombs & fire missiles to get all stars & unfreeze all the sheep. Can change missile direction
Fire missiles & blow up all the zombie cats by pushing boulders & ricocheting missiles.
Zombie Head Moon
In this distance game, keep upgrading your catapult to get higher in the air as you grab money.
The Bony Puzzler
Fire unlimited skeletons out of your cannon to try & get all the Halloween jack-o-lanterns.
Gravity Ball
Control the ball & make sure to bounce on pads. Gravity switches back n forth for added hardness.
Bazooka Trooper
Fire unlimited rockets & try to take out all the baddies with direct shots & ricochets.
Crazy Shark Ball 2
In pinball fashion, knock the shark upwards with paddles. Keep moving higher to keep scoring points.
Night Terror
Run in the dark world & use your flashlight to see & to blind the chasing monster.
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