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Mighty Knight

Fight hordes of enemies in different arenas. Upgrade your fighter & gain companion fighters later on


Super Castle Quest

Continue in this action sidescroller as you defeat enemies and grab keys to fight the boss.


Bang Heroes

Shoot the gunslingers, flying ships, creatures and more as you progress. Great sidescroller!


Tower of Blocks

Stack your blocks in the physics world without letting them tip. Touch same colors to gain more time


Control Craft

Move soldiers from outpost to outpost in greater numbers to take control of all the outposts.


Mechanism 2

Can you figure out what lines and shapes to cut threw to make the timepiece get to the goal?


Agent B10

Read your mission object and complete it buy blasting the brains out of a stick figure. Splat!


Knightmare Tower

In this distance game, move upwards as you slice monsters in half. Upgrade & keep a head of the lava


Mecha Martyr

Blast the enemies below as you gain points to upgrade your flying mech. Blow them to pieces!


Manic Rider

Great levels of tilting and leaning and performing tricks. Don't go to fast or slow, or yer screwed.

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Aircraft Customization
Customize the look of the jet and make it look as cool as possible as you load it with weapons.
Batman Dress Up
Dress up Batman in all sorts of different Batman outfits. Pick and choose from different generations
Ninja Customization
Dress up the ninja in all sorts of outfits and change the background to your liking.
Mecha Dress Up Game
Build your mech as you design it from arms, hover system, head, body and weapons.
Bush on the Rocks
Throw President Bush on the rocks as he slams into them and flips and flops as he falls.
Devil Boy
Dress up the Devil boy in different clothes and make him look how you want. Some strange, some cool.
Stick Figure Animator 2
Move the stick figure and create new frames to create your own stick figure animation.
Primal War 17
Hairy beasts fight against dinos and other creatures. Watch as the battle begins to come to an end.
Slam the stickman around the room and watch the glorious amounts of blood spray and gush all over.
Primal War 16
The Primal War continues as this long series begins to come to a close. Dinos vs. beasts.
Say The Magic Words Harry
Dress up Harry Potter in outfits. Pick all the right clothes to cast spells.
Custom Guitar
Customize your guitar and make it look as pimped out as possible with the limited options.
Team Fortress 2 Soundboard - Demoman
Many of the Demomans lines from the Team Fortress 2 game. Ready for some more prank calls?
Virtual Car Tunning V4
Design the car and tune it up to make it look as cool as possible with the parts you have.
Matrix Neo vs Smith
An animation that is very similar to the Neo vs. many Smiths fight in The Matrix. Fighting sprites.
Team Fortress 2 Soundboard - The Spy
Listen to the lines that the Spy says in the video game Team Fortress 2. Prank calling anyone?
Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter 3
Watch the fighting scenes as a Mortal Kombat character goes at it with two Street Fighters.
A short, but very well done stick fighting animation. These are some impressive stick figures!
Dragon Ball Z Dress Up
Dress up and create your own customized Dragon Ball Z character. Make him look as cool as possible.
Nightmare City Catastrophe
A good length fighting animation with some cool fighting effects and big explosions.
Transformers Creator
Design and swap transformer parts to create your customized transformer.
Fighter Plane Maker
Make the jet fighter look sweet as you change its paint job and decide its weaponary.
Pimp My Porsche Carrera
Make the Porsche look as cool as possible as you change the colors, lights, textures, and background
Naruto Create a Character
Drag and drop the clothes and faces onto the body to create different types of Naruto characters.
Virtual Car Tuning V3
Drag and drop the pieces over the futuristic car to make it look just how you want.
Super Sweet Jonas Bros Quiz
Not really quiz, but more of a funny animation that makes you think your taking a quiz. Homosexical?
Iron Man Dress Up
Dress up Tony Stark in all sorts of different Iron Man outfits. Some not so Iron Manish.
Team Fortress 2 Soundboard - The Scout
2 pages of comments from the Scout in the Team Fortress 2 video game. Are you up for a prank call?
Dead Baby Dress Up Video Game Edition
Dress up the blob with all sorts of different game character configurations.
Mortal Kombat Scene Creator
A massive scene creator game for Mortal Kombat. So many options it may slow your machine down.
Guitar Workshop 2
Pimp out the guitar and make it look as cool as possible and just how you want it.
Jingle Bells Reversed
What secret messages are hidden within Jingle bells when it's reversed?
Blue Hippo Dress-Up
Dress up the hippo in all sorts of clothes as you change his face and background.
Bunny Kill 3
The Bunny Kill animation series continues and comes to a close. Watch for Star Wars-like fights.
Bunny Kill 2
The Bunny Kill animation series continues with more bunnies dying and more blood spraying.
Bunny Kill 1
An animation that feels a lot like the madness series with a bunny trying to survive.
An easter themed dressing game where you create your own egg as you drag and drop pieces.
St Patricks Day Coloring Pages
Color multiple pages that are St. Patricks Day themed.
Conkers Bad Fur Day Soundboard
Listen to sounds from classic Conker games. Perhaps not as work safe as other media on G4W.
Happy Tree Friends - Snow What That's What
A friendly snowball fight. What could be wrong with that? You will soon see just how dangerous.
Pimp My Corvette
Drag and drop the Corvette frame parts onto the plain looking Corvette to spiffy it up.
Happy Tree Friends - Mime and Mime Again
The friendly mime comes to visit his friend in the hospital. What harm could a mime do?
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