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Protect the base as you kill all the incoming waves of enemy soldiers and vehicles.



Absorb items and spit them out in other places to solve puzzles. Game rules change to the devs. whim


Symphonic Bus Tour

Drive your bus as you collect instruments and keep them from spilling over the top of the bus.


Tank Tactics

Take control of enemy spawn buildings and blast away enemies as you fight to survive.



Move your ships from planets, to laser stations, to warp gates to dominate each sector of space.


Hobo Prison Brawl

Beat up cops and inmates as you punch, kick, spit, blow snot, crap, throw-up, and piss on them.


Polar PWND 2

Setup objects and bombs to get your polar bear to smash into all the penguins on each level.


Pirates of the Undead Sea

Explore your underwater environment as you talk to your sunken shipmates. Become captain once again.


Puzzle Defense

Half Bejeweled, half tower defense in an ode to Puzzle Quest gameplay. Cool!


Party Down

Take care of your party guests as they want to be fed, and party down.

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  Action Games
Super Battle City - The New Mission
Take out tanks & survive for the time on each level to earn coins & afford expensive upgrades.
Use the two blocks to help each other out & get both to their proper highlighted exit.
Acid Rising
Make your way upwards through the sidescroller, grabbing documents & reach the exit before the acid.
Another Life 2
Control your 2 characters to help each other over obstacles. Reach all the keys & get to the exit.
Control multiple blocks that fall slowly to get at least one block to the tree to sprout.
The Triplicates
Transform into 3 characters, each with unique powers to help you reach the end alive.
Minnie and Malism - Budget Squad
One sub is the guns & one sub is the shields. Move both to help defend & attack the enemies you find
Move blocks from one side to the other to balance the map out. Take your own weight into account.
Creep Craft 2 Demo
A short demo of sidescrolling action platformer & a short pig race to conclude.
Space Wrecked HD
Jump over slime puddles & shoot baddies to resupply health. Find upgrades to jump higher & fire more
Ultimate Legend
Throw knives & axes as enemies as you level up your viking by grabbing meat. Find the key to exit.
Box Story 2
Jump your box & hit it on corners to make it tumble & turn the proper color down. Very hard.
Floaty Jump
Make it through each level that has increasingly more floating objects for you to navigate over.
Llamas in Distress
Control gravity to move the llama into new areas. Try to pickup all the coins across all levels.
You Are The Victim
Attack civilians & avoid the camera focus. When cops come, try to get shot while being recorded.
Batman - The Rooftop Caper
Grab bubbles & batorange up to new levels as you knock out villains. Watch out taking damage.
Kill Billfoot
Travel the caves & throw spears at easy enemies. Reach the boss at the end & defeat him to win.
Bucket Cop
In each platformer level, find the single enemy & defeat them to progress.
Super Muzhik
As a superhero, use your super powers to throw civilians into the enemy to protect yourself.
Last Breath
Grab red balls as the shadow of your previous self begins to catch up to you from behind.
Future Knight Remake
Shoot pixelated baddies & get pass before they reappear. Pick up health & keep from dying.
A Koopas Revenge 2
As a turtle from the Mario universe, gain fire balls & shoot baddies with them as you slide & jump.
The Big Escape - Earth Adventure
Jump over spikes & reach stars in this platformer. Get to your UFO after getting all the stars.
Red n Green
Swap between red n green to turn on & off platforms. Use this to safely reach the exit & avoid gaps.
Zombie Zone
Jump & double jump in this platformer as you shoot all the zombies & avoid them touching you.
Zombies Ate My Homework
Jump over barrels & throw your body parts at enemies. Flip switches to open doors & progress.
The Actual Monster
Grab keys & shoot zombies around corners as you avoid their fire. Very short game.
Reach the exit by pushing boxes, using pills to jump higher & sound to break glass.
Fly your spaceship in each arena & grab objects while avoid fire from enemies outside.
Stunt Crazy - Trick or Treat Pack 2
Drive your car & use turbo & explosive to pick up as many items per level as possible.
Super Mario Halloween
Jump on & over enemies, while grabbing coins. Push the button to reveal the star you have to grab.
Jump onto block platforms & hit buttons that trigger different gravities.
Castle of Deception
Use a developer cheat menu to give your platformer magican special powers in collecting all stars.
Appy 1000mg
Jump over water and explore the pixel looking world. Meet the wise man & change the gameplay.
Space Cropper 2
Cut off slices of the board to save the women & cut off enemies. Bosses take some thinking to defeat
Panic 30
Quickly find the exit in each platform level, as you are only given 30 seconds to beat each.
Another Planet 3 - New Weapon
Grapple onto boxes & move them so that they help you overcome the platform puzzles.
Infinity Inc.
Clone, kill, & control the clones you make. Use them to solve the platformer puzzles.
Driving Force 2
Do multiple types of missions as you chase down suspects, avoid traffic & gun down baddies.
Be quick in this top-down dungeon runner. Avoid spikes & traps that try to slow you down or kill you
Toxic Town
Get toxic symbols & shoot enemies as you jump over holes with toxic sludge in them.
Ninja Gravity Adventure
Flip gravity to avoid spikes & red balls. Reach the exit coin to progress.
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