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Block Defender

Shoot the falling blocks, careful though each block gives you an upgrade or downgrade.

Avatar The Last Air Bender Bending Battle

Fight other characters with a turn based attack system. Can you win?


As balls are dropped from above, click on groups of 3 to make them disappear. Gets Addictive.

Griswold The Goblin 2 - Islands of Fire

Move around in this escape game as you talk to creatures, and gather items. Can you make it through?

Golden Scarabaeus

Activate the right switches, at the right time to get your shapes to grab all the scarabs.

Hell City

Make wise choices as the wrong one will end up killing you. Read & progress the story.

The Legend of Larry

Grab the coins as Larry in this sidescroller as you avoid enemies. Good graphics across 25 levels.

Amberialites - The Tower of Endurance

Continue to move upwards as you grab new items and keep from falling back down too far.


Make all the red blocks disappear by moving on them, don't get stuck on a red block at the end.

Ultimate Assassin 3

Tons of levels in a top-down view where you avoid guards, kill your target, and reach the exit point

Dig Defense

Multiple maps with difficulty settings. Setup turrets, and upgrade them. Can't sell turrets.

Urban Sniper 3

Read your mission text, then find the correct target to blast away with your sniper rifle.

Primer Evac

Rescue the space men that will soon die if you don't pick them up and extend your shield around them

Super Crazy Baseball Maniac Deluxe

A short game with a few mini games within. Skill based.

 Games For Work » Girl Games » Makeover Designer Game
Makeover Designer Game
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Makeover Designer

Makeover Designer Game Description
Give the girl, the guy, and the cat a makeover. From face to clothes.

Detailed instructions and Makeover Designer help (If any)

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