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Omega Turret Defense

Shoot the incoming enemy troops as you upgrade your turret and defenses to keep them at bay.

Premiere League Foosball

Knock the soccer ball between your players and into the enemies goal to score. Don't let the AI win!

Wired Maniac

Rotate and join the blocks so that power flows between the two power connectors.


Turn magnets on & off to control which way you are pulled. Get coins & reach the portal.


Flip the colored balls next to other similar colored balls in the twisting line.

Touch The Bubbles 3

Touch all the bubbles on each level and avoid touching the red parts of each level. Walls are OK.

Scribble States!

Draw from number to number to draw a state, then answer the question of what state you just drew.

The Spaceman

Bypass lasers with shields & avoid enemies & them firing at you. Pull levers to trigger things.

Tank Travel

Fire your tank cannon on enemies & to release stars as you avoid lasers.

Puppet Melee

Control your puppet to save you from the enemies that are trying to attack you. Puppet has moves!

Space Junk

Shoot the incoming junk. Don't let any junk hit earth as you continue to upgrade your turret.

Paper Chains

Cut the chains at the right time to get the bombs to drop on all the zombies.


A difficult game of skill and controlling two blocks at the same time. New levels change gameplay.


Fly your airplane & grab stars for upgrades. Avoid hitting bombs & missiles.

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Temple Guardian Game
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Temple Guardian

Temple Guardian Game Description
Defend the temple by setting up your defensive towers to keep the monsters from attacking. Great TD!

Detailed instructions and Temple Guardian help (If any)

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