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Pencil Wars 3 - Pen Wars

Shoot enemies & create lines to jump on to make it over gaps & up higher in this sidescroller.

King of Buttons 3

More button pushing games that test your skills.

Bad Birds

Click birds to assign tasks for them to complete. Get birds to exit. Similar to lemmings.

Shoot and Catch

Manage two games at once. Catch the fruit on the left as you shoot down the missiles on the right.

Side by Side

Move the mammoths on each side as you slide & push blocks to get each to their exit portal.

Hacky The Raccoon

Keep the raccoon in the air by continuing to hit it.

ICan Fly

Grab stars & food as you get higher & higher. Avoid thunder clouds & don't forget to upgrade.

Aqua Energizer

Push the red energy dots into the blue tube to energize it and escape from the level.

Toast of War

A creative sidescrolling action game with a piece of toast. Watch out for buttery fire!

Mini Dirt Bike

Ride your mini dirt bike over the bumpy terrain as you lean and tilt. Grab stars to gain points.

All Become Zombies

Blast zombies quickly as you grab coins and reach the exit in this zombie platformer.

Cover Color Game

Drag n drop the different colored shapes to create the pattern provided. Jump to any hard level.

Dead Reckoning

Explore the world as you turn your flashlight on with Z. Click corners to move.

Pirates Of The Caribbean Whack A Crab

Click on all the crabs and don't let them reach Captain Jack Sparrow. Only click when crabs.

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Laser War Game
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Laser War with Friends and Social Networks
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Laser War

Laser War Game Description
Travel the blocks and shoot the tank before it shoots you. Gets a lot more challenging.

Detailed instructions and Laser War help (If any)

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