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Sue Christmas Shopping

Grab the toys that the Santas are requesting. Then wrap up their presents. Use space to rotate gifts


Stand, crouch, and duck as you shoot the enemies running towards you and hiding behind barrels.

Miami Taxi Driver 2

Drive your taxi around town as you pick up passengers & drop them off at the marked locations.

Super Balance

Roll and jump your tire from platform to platform as the platforms tilt and rise and lower.

Famous Paintings Parodies 5

Answer what the real name of the painting is, by looking at the parody painting or the real thing.

Chevy Racer

Race around in a hot Chevy! Use 4 and 6 on the keypad to steer, try and miss the obstacles and keep


A bunch of cube games in one. Pick different color cube for different game.


An action puzzler of running & figuring what you need to do to reach the next new sidescroller area.

Bewitched Doll - Near The House

A nice looking hidden object game of finding the objects that are listed at the bottom of the screen

Crazy Shark Ball 2

In pinball fashion, knock the shark upwards with paddles. Keep moving higher to keep scoring points.

Highway Bus Rampage Tour

Drive your bus for as long as possible without crashing. Oil slicks, jumps, shields, and health.

Hotel Defense

Blast the mobster brains out as you protect your hotel and keep them from attacking the hotel doors.

Copy n Paste

Copy and paste objects in the level to help your character reach the exit. Don't run out of copies!

Hover Tanks

An excellent 3D-ish tank shooting game based on a moon.

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Together Game
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Together with Friends and Social Networks
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Together Game Description
Use the two blocks to help each other out & get both to their proper highlighted exit.

Detailed instructions and Together help (If any)

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