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Super Briefcase

Dodge the bombs being dropped as you try to stay alive. Earn briefcase for brief protection.

Blow Up

Similar puzzle game to bust a move shoot the ball at others to explode them.

Henrys Zeppelin - The Last Cup of Tea

Push boxes on top of buttons & flip levels in sokoban style. Watch out for robots.

A Dumb Ass Game

Shoot other spaceships in this 3D like space shooter.

Phantom Mansion II - The North Sea

The Phantom Mansion series continues as it throws more skull grabbing, key finding puzzles at you.


How fast can you do math? Time to put your math skills to the test.

Hunt The Wumpus

Pick the right path to take or die a quick and sudden death.


Move your orb around as you transform and explode red orbs. Grab powerups and don't die.

Magic Blaster

Clear platforms using magic as you cause chain reactions with the rolling wheel & explosive barrels.

Super Ski Runner

Grab drugs and stars to cause hallucinations so you can ski over trees and penguins.

Bot Arena III

The Bot Arena series continues. Construct your bots and see if you made them powerful enough. Cool!

Thomas In Egypt

Thomas is off his rails & jumping dirt piles. Keep from tipping over as you grab the golden coins.

501 Dart Challenge

Toss the darts to get the most points possible.

Guru of Time

Drag the level to move the guru to grab keys. Beware of running out of rainbow power.

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Clone Combat Game
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Clone Combat with Friends and Social Networks
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Clone Combat

Clone Combat Game Description
Move yourself & your clone at the same time. Avoid touching your clone & figure out how to kill him.

Detailed instructions and Clone Combat help (If any)

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