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Space Flight

Keep flying as you dodge boxes and grab circles for more fuel. Watch the sharp angles.

Sweet Planet

Place towers on corners & empty spots along the pathway. Kill foods before they reach the exit.

Stone Age Tower Defense

Carefully spend money on the right towers as money is tight. Place in the right spots or be defeated

Prisme - Seconde Edition

Place the different types of mirrors to redirect & bounce the lazer into all the nodes to progress.

Battlefield Medic WWII

Upgrade car as you try to get farther & run over soldiers. Gets repetitive after a while.

Planetary Conflict

Assign skills and customize your character in this large RPG world. Lots of areas to visit.

Zo Donker

A short game in a silhouette world. Grab all the green gems as you move.

Wheel It

Move the wheels where they belong to turn the final wheel in each new level.

Beach Rider

Ride your bike over hills and obstacles as you perform stunts with less than realistic control.

Road Rockets

Dodge the bombs enemy cars drop as you try to pickup missiles to fire at the enemy vehicles.

Aah Little Atlantis

Keep the Atlantians from drowning as you flood areas and send meteors down.


An excellent action puzzle game of throwing bubbles that move you in certain directions. Sweet!

Mortal Kombat Karnage

Fight a few AI opponents on different difficulty settings. Rip out spines for fatalities.

Election Madness

A simple fighting game with Presidential candidates. Punch falling objects at your opponents.

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The New Homeowners Game
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The New Homeowners

The New Homeowners Game Description
Find the items that the people are requesting you look for. Find them quick to keep them happy.

Detailed instructions and The New Homeowners help (If any)

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