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Nightclub Fever

Manage your club as you take care of your customers within the radius of each area in the club.



Push walls to tumble the cube & change the layout of the sidescroller level.


Electric Box

15 levels of placing items and using their reactions with each other to get the final item activated



Use the proper elements to combat the incoming forces against your castle. Upgrade element strength.



Gather and combine elements on a randomly generated world to create parts for your broken spaceship.


Cargo Bridge

Use your money to buy pieces to construct bridges for the builders to cross. Make sure it's strong!


Red Storm Defence

Build towers and move your mech around to defeat the incoming enemy mech waves trying to steal.


Free Super Mario Bros

Jump around as Mario as you kill Mario's regular enemies. Grab as many coins as possible.



Grab the physics objects and use them to solve the puzzles that lie a head. Puzzles get tricky.


Jungle Truck

Drive your truck over the hills as you grab the stars. Keep from tipping over as you lean and tilt.

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  Racing Games
Ben 10
Race down the straightaway track. Grab powerups from trucks & reach the end before the time runs out
Surf Buggy
On a single level, race to the end using nitro & grabbing coins. Do as little damage as possible.
3D Neon Racing
Race around 4 different tracks, trying to win. Runs a little fast if you have a fast computer.
Snowmobile Cross Country
Race against the AI in normal or expert mode. Grab lightning bolts for speed boosts.
Storm ATV Racing
Race your ATV against the AI. Hit jumps & slopes just right to not get stuck in the air too long.
RC School Racing
Race against the AI in this side view racing game. Lean & tilt to keep your speed up.
3D Cross Buggy
Race on the 3D track against a few AI racers. Avoid oil slicks & try to hit speed boosts.
Chicago Skyscrapers Racing
Race through this sidescroller, grabbing coins & keep from hitting surfaces wrong that will flip you
3D Bugatti Racing
Race the AI cars as you drift around corners to charge your nitro. Pick from 4 tracks.
Farm Rush
Race to the end as you ride over hills & dips that try to tip you. More racing than riding.
Night Drivin
Race against the AI & come in 1st to get more money for upgrades. Beware of signs!
Neighbourhood Speedsters
Race around the track against the AI in a top-down view. Cut corners close to gain the upper hand.
3D Neon Race
Race around multiple tracks against the AI. Try to come in 1st as you gain & use nitro.
Highway of the Dead
Race the end of the world & run over zombies for cash. Buy upgrades & keep from damaging your car.
T-Zero Turbo X
Race along the floating track in hover cars. Come in 1st in this remake of the F-Zero NES game.
ATV Winter Challenge
Race against the AI fourwheelers as you try to come in first, while driving over the snowy obstacles
Spiderman - Hills Racer
Race the other AI characters from the Spiderman universe. Grab gems & watch out for steep hills.
Bycycle Mania
Race against the AI, as you time your nitro boost just right. No tricking, just trying to win.
Race against your opponent by simply shifting at the perfect time to gain the upper hand.
3D Buggy Racing
Race on 3D tracks & try to beat out the AI racers to unlock more tracks. Watch out for tennis balls.
Retro Racers 3D
Speed around 3D tracks of yesterday. Upgrade your car & parts to gain the upper hand & come in 1st.
Formula XSpeed 3D
Race around the track in this difficult racer. Stay off the grass & maintain a top speed.
Mario Egypt Adventure
Select your character & race over the hills. Get stars, avoid gaps & reach the end first.
USS Racing 2 - Extreme Edition
Drive around the track & hit the speed pads & gather weapon pick ups to attack the opponent racers.
Girl Power Racing
Race against the AI bikers over hills, rocks & vehicles. Come in first & later get new bikes.
Volt Toys Championship
Race against the AI as you keep from tipping over, and coming in 1st place. Upgrade car as you go.
Heroes Ride
Race as Batman or Superman in this sideview, bike racer. Use turbo & grab symbols as you try to win.
Mini Race Madness
Race against AI racers in sideview. Gain money to upgrade your car & win each race.
Grand Prix Ultima Volta
A racing game that is specifically about drafting behind AI players. Draft enough so they move aside
Demolition Drifters
Race around the track while doing damage to your oppoents. Finish 1st & cause enough damage.
Cruisin II
Race around 3D tracks & upgrade your car. Earn turbo by catching drafts behind opponent cars.
Super Police Persuit
Chase AI racers in your cop car. Take them down by running them into walls or hitting at high speed.
Race against other AI in this retro looking racing game. Use boosts to gain the upper hand.
Gravity Driver 2
Speed your car town the pipe & avoid hitting random barricades. Watch out for the turn drifting.
Mini Truck Racers
Race your truck around the 3D tracks. Diver over symbols to get power ups & shoot opponent drivers.
Race against AI opponents & perform tricks to gain nitro. Do objectives & earn money for upgrades.
Race your boat in a top-down perspective. Hit boost & turbo powerups to pass AI racers.
Coastal Town Truck
Race your big rig against AI players or play time attack, drift mode, or destruction mode.
Truck Race
Race around the 3D track in your truck. Control your sharp turning by just barely tapping your keys.
Super Drift 3
Race around multiple 3D tracks as you drift around corners & try to stay a head of the AI car.
Slotcar Mania
Move from lane to lane on the track. Grab money to buy power ups as you avoid hitting other racers.
A Small Car 2
Race to the end of each course in as fast a time as possible. Earn stars to unlock new cars.
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