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Cold Crime

Shoot other stick figures as you grab new guns and try to stay alive in this bloody sidescroller.


Rabbit Rustler

Make all the rabbits come towards the carrot you drop. Get the required amount to the teleporter.


Storm Ops

Gun down enemies in your crosshairs as you earn money for better guns and scopes.


Elite Forces Southo

Use your Elite Force to build up a team and attack the enemy structures, turrets, and soldiers.


Hobo Prison Brawl

Beat up cops and inmates as you punch, kick, spit, blow snot, crap, throw-up, and piss on them.


Control Craft 3

Take control of enemies nodes with ground & air units. Don't get stuck between 2 enemy sides.


4 Wheel Madness 2.5

Race against the CPU driving in the background. Tilt and lean your way over the obstacles.


Get Off My Planet

Build a thriving colony on the planet as you protect it and upgrade. Mine, farm, defend, upgrade.


Germ Cleaner

A short game based on shooting your turret and kill all the germs roaming around on the levels.


Space Invasion Tower Defense

Place your turrets in space to prevent the waves of ships from getting pass your turret setups.

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Halfling Tycoon
In this idle clicker, manage different parts of the game & what you upgrade around your village.
Mine Upgrade
In this idle clicker, create more miners & how much & how fast they carry. Move on to larger piles.
Watermelon Bomb
Launch your watermelon & let go of your mouse when you want it to explode. Explode tree fruit.
Electric Rubber
Move your mouse over the pad to generate power for the battery in this infinite clicker/mouse mover.
Upload This
Pick up boxes with your magnetic lifter & place them on the cargo transporter safely.
Black Ink
Type the names of those you want to die, but upgrade your skills to slow snooping cops.
Grind away in this clicker as you build items to construct other items. Build the very last item.
Elf Gems Idle
In this idle clicker, click away on each of your squad members to increase their abilities.
StrikeForce Kitty - Last Stand
Defend your castle in this idle clicker-like game. Add new costumes to cats to change abilities.
Idle Programmer
Hire programmers & learn programming languages so earn money. Hire more & learn more to earn more.
Monopoly Idle
Buy property & put houses & hotels on your land as you take control of more of the board.
Idle Industry
Grow your plant by clicking on it. Click the menu on the right to increase production.
Sim Apocalypse
Roll the dice once & assign points. Sit back and see if your choices were good enough to survive.
Super Idle Imagination
Click & upgrade to develop games & win awards. Seems very limited compared to other clickers.
Smash Car Clicker
Keep clicking & upgrade with more jumpers, higher jumping & even new worlds & cars.
Idle Downloader
Start clicking to download the smallest files. Upgrade to be able to download the largest file.
MineQuest Idle
Click & craft in this constant clicker. Steep learning with lots of things to craft & look over.
Tap Heroes
Click to heal your heroes & your enemies. Manually have to switch to new levels.
Idle Gladiators
Buy & manage your gladiators. Train, rest & work them to earn money for more. Don't forget the shop!
Pinata Hunter 3
Beat the candy out of the pinata as you use your candy saved to buy skill, weapon & hand upgrades.
The Bear of Love
As a bear, hug all the people to gain points for the shop. Hug for too long & end up killing them.
Pick your adventure as you find gems & make your choice on how to proceed or die.
Tangerine Tycoon
In this constant clicker, grow tangerine bushes, trees, farms & more. Gamble & get stats in game.
Break the Limits
Make your pixel man think in this constant clicker. Determine his thought pattern as you progress.
Fantasy Clicker
Click the mage in this constant clicker. Buy enemies to rank up your female mage faster.
Die Robo Alien Die
In this infinite clicker, attack the loating boss in front of you as you upgrade attacks.
William the Conqueror
In this idle clicker, keep clicking & upgrading to defeat the enemies that William is approaching.
Buy miners to dig deeper in this constant clicker. Earn funds to upgrade & buy better diggers.
Kingdom Wars Idle
Mine gold, feed your king, upgrade & add attackers to help take down the castle.
Clicker Monsters
Click the monsters as you upgrade your weapons & earn money in this infinite clicker.
Idle Mining Co.
Click the gold mine to mine for gold. Buy workers & other equipment to speed up your gold production
Ninja Battle Idle
Click enemies in this idle game or let your ninja-nurse attack them automatically, as you earn coins
World Eater Idle
Click the planet as you try to destroy all life on the planet. Gain souls for click upgrades.
Train Surfing
Grab coins & buy upgrades as you try to reach the end of each track.
Epic Combo Redux
Create combos on bouncing turtles in the air. Buy items to get 1000x hit combos.
Idle Dialectics
Click on the smart animals as you debate in this idle clicker game with upgrades.
Clicker Heroes
Click monsters, buy teammates & progress to new levels that pay better in this endless mouse clicker
World of Bees
In this idle clicker game, buy bees to take over the world. Buy expensive bees for faster earnings.
Water Ragdoll 2
Create balloons, wieghts & bombs as you attach them to the stick figure. Add water if you want.
Walk around, gathering a group of people. Move the group and watch as people slowly pair off.
Idle God 3
Click rapidly to mine resources. Click more to upgrade your clicks. Keep clicking to play.
Constantly click to launch snowballs at the snowman. Click long enough to conduct research & upgrade
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