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Green Archer 2

Fire your arrows at items to gain points. Earn points to unlock new levels with new objects to shoot



Place your turrets, shields, and more along the space ship to protect your ships power core.



Stay alive as you evolve your hexegon creature. Add speed and missiles as you eat others.


Bubble Quest

Collect air bubbles as you inflate and deflate yourself to reach new areas and finish missions.


Blow Things Up

Use the minimum amount of bombs to explode the physics structures and get rid of only the baddies.



Extend your gooey cord as you grab stars, trigger buttons, avoid sticky walls, & reach the chest.


Epic War 5

Amass an army on your side and combat enemy forces as you send your units to the right.



Move your blue block to the green area. Later levels contain lava and difficult areas to get passed.


Achilles II - Origin of a Legend

Throw spears in heads, slice torsos open, chop off heads, & even kick those severed heads at enemies



Grab splashes of color to add that color to the grey game level. Puzzle solving and block pushing.

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  Truck Games
Monster Truck - Invervention Squad
Fill up with nitro & drive your truck over obstacles & holes. Use nitro at the right times to win.
Tic Tac Bomb
Drive the truck fast enough to reach the end in time, but slow enough to keep bombs from falling off
Downhill Rush 2
Drive your truck & explode vehicles as you drive over them. Grab coins & knock over towers of boards
Mad Day 2 - Revenge
Keep progressing farther as you get coins, shoot enemies & avoid obstacles. Upgrade to last longer.
Russian Truck
Pick up lumber & haul it safely to the end without spilling too much over hills & bumps.
Tuk Tuk Bangkok
Mind your gas as you go over hills. Earn money to afford upgrades & go farther.
Ragdoll Truck
Collect cargo & ragdolls & get the required amount safely to the exit without losing them.
Postman Pat
Drive your postal truck & carry enough packages to the end to be able to drive on more hills.
Monster Truck Xtreme 2
Grab stars & turbos to make it over the tricky hills. Beware of not going fast enough over jumps.
Mario Tractor 2
Drive the tractor as different Mario characters & gather coins. Reach the end with enough coins.
Monster Truck Rage
Use nitro & don't tip over as you try to only get the yellow stars & avoid the red ones.
Mad Mine Truck
Collect ore & drive it to the end without spilling too much while you balance your earth mover.
Monster Truck Rampage
Drive the truck over ibeams & vehicles. Get to the end of each level safely by controlling your tilt
Donkey Kong - Jungle Ride
Drive your barrel over the hills as Donkey Kong. Grab the bananas & keep from tipping yourself over.
Mega Truck
Drive your dump truck over the slopes carefully. Don't lose too many boulders or you have to restart
Volcano Monster Truck
Drive your truck over slopes & shapes that grow in difficulty to get pass. Each level is short.
The Truck Driver
Drive different trucks on each new level. Trucks have a different feel depending on their shocks.
Super Truck
Drive your truck over the simple terrain. Grab all the rocks & keep from tipping your truck over.
Outer Space Hot Rod
Drive your truck over slopes & physics objects. Keep from tipping over in short levels.
Beach Buggy Transporter
Safely bring the required amount of beach balls to the end without letting them fall out.
Shadow Road Trip
Drive your truck without tipping over in the silhouette world. Sometimes you need to reverse.
Ben 10 Ship Pilot
Drive your truck (ship?) up & down the steep slopes. Grab the green gems & watch out for green boxes
Cargo Master 2
Grapple the cargo & place it into the truck. Drive the truck over the hills without losing cargo.
Monster Truck - Beast Within
Drive your big wheeled monster truck over the obstacles without tipping over. Reach the end fast.
Highly Explosive Road
Drive your truck over exploding barrels & reach the gas station without flipping your SUV over.
Jurassic Hunter
Drive your truck over hills & plow threw dinos. Upgrade your trucks aspects to get farther & farther
Monster Truck Championship
Drive your truck carefully & use boosts at the right time. Avoid spikes & barrels.
Mini Truck Madness
Race against the AI & perform stunts to buy upgrades. Race & challenge mode for each track.
Steel Wheels
Drive your truck for as long as possible in this distance game. Grab gas to keep on truckin.
Earn to Die 2 - Exodus
Earn money & upgrade your vehicle to get farther. Run threw piles of boxes & hordes of zombies.
Truck Farm Frenzy
Drive your bigfoot truck over boxes, rocks & large mushrooms as you keep from tipping over.
Monster Truck Revolution 2
Drive your truck, use nitro, avoid barrels being dropped from the chopper & adjust ability sliders.
Monster Truck Ultimate Playground
Fill up on nitro & get over the vehicles & jumps without tipping. Earn money to upgrade your truck.
Monster Truck Zombie Crusher
Drive your truck over broken down vehicles. Use nitro & squash as many zombies as you can.
Nitro Truck Jumper
Drive your big wheeled car over jumps & obstacles. Don't forget to buy nitro & use it over gaps.
Ice Cave Rush
Drive your jeep in the ice cave as you grab nitro to avoid ice collapses. Get coins for upgrades.
Sonic Stunt Stars
Drive Sonics car as you grab rings & jump over gaps. Be careful, as you have to slow & stop for lift
Snow Truck Extreme
Drive your truck threw ice shards & get gas. Get coins for weapon upgrades to take out snow beasts.
Hill Climb Racing
Grab gas & coins to afford upgrades. Be aware of steep hills that require specific upgrades to pass.
Monster Best Ride
Drive your car & get coins as you earn enough to upgrade it to a truck. Use your regenerating nitro.
Dream Car Racing II
Design & put together your truck however you like. Beware of the physics of your crazy contraption.
Santa Gifts Delivery 2
Drive your truck full of presents & attempt to get it safely to the end without dropping gifts.
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