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Nightclub Fever

Manage your club as you take care of your customers within the radius of each area in the club.



Shoot the green zombies, bats, and tough guys in the pixelated world as you grab treasure and keys.


Test Subject Complete

Use wall & ceiling portals to your advantage as you shoot enemies & grab the exit keycard.


World Wars 2

Try to dominate the map as you attack the enemies controlling area of the land mass.


Slardar Defence

Place your towers on the map as you prevent the enemies from passing. Choose hard for a longer game.


13 More Days in Hell

Move in this FPS as you gather new guns and shoot all the hellish enemies that chase after you.


The Kill Kar II - Revenge

Drive your car and run over people before the time expires. Upgrade your car over many levels.



A reversed TD game of controlling the invader. Take the villages with goblins. Has lots of upgrades.


Siege Master

Adjust power, angle, and ammo of catapult as you try to take down the right targets in the castle.


Tractors Power

Don't give the tractor too much power or it explodes. Balance over hills, rocks, and boxes.

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  Word Games
Swap the letters to make words in this crossword styled puzzle game.
Ninja Hunter - BloodMoon Edition
Set your difficulty and type to kill the incoming waves of attacking ninjas.
Word Ventures
Make words out of the incoming enemies. Play a puzzle game on the side to make things even harder.
Target Words
Shoot the dropping hot air balloons as you grab letters to create words.
Slippery Words
Slide the letter blocks around to create a word in the correct direction to move on.
What swear words do you know? Write as many down as possible and earn a score for your potty mouth.
Shoot the monsters in order of their letters to create words. Don't fall off the edge.
A multiplayer word game. Create as many words as possible out of the given letters.
Key Master 2
The waves of enemies and bosses are incoming. Type the words above them as fast as possible.
Type & Pop
Can you type the words fast enough as they continue to fall? Starts off easy then words get longer.
Zombie Typocalypse
Choose between 3 difficulty levels as you type to shoot zombies. Upgrade guns and more!
Type For Gold
Type the words out as fast as possible to win each race.
Whiz Words
Select the right colored blocks with the right letter on them to make the words you're given.
Letter Blocks
Connect the letters that are by each other to make words 3 characters or longer. Fairly difficult.
Rain Words
Drag the items from the left onto the crossword puzzle. Great for poor spellers. 3 difficulties.
Word Burst
Look for words hidden in the jumble and try to uncover them and continue playing.
Flashing Fingers
Type the words as fast as possible as they keep scrolling from the right. Gets hard with long words.
Word Strip 2
Type the falling words correctly to make all the girls drop their clothes off.
Speed Typing
Test your typing skills and speed as you move from level to level trying not to make errors.
Word Chain
Make up as many words as you can with the letters you start out with. Go for that high score.
Connect words together that have the same letters at the beginning or end before they scroll off.
Make words as you decide where to place the blocks as they float upwards. Longer words the better.
Word Freak
Find the words in the word puzzle. More words are added on each new level.
Ninja Hunter
Type the words that appear next to the attacking ninjas. Type slower for it to capture your letters.
The Key Master
Type the words to attack the incoming enemies. Words get larger and enemies come faster. Keep up!
Word Search
Search for the words jumbled in the mix of letters. Multiple boards with different words.
Word Strip
Type the falling words as they get harder to make the cartoon ladies strip off clothes.
Test your typing skills as you line up with the letters and fire the same letter at them.
Don't Eat Me
Press the correct letters on your keyboard to knock the fatty off the cliff and to not get eaten.
Deep Sea Word Search
Find the words in the word search. You can select the theme of the words you find.
Wacky Word Search
Find the words in the mixed up letters. You're given a list of specific words to find.
Find words on a 3D rotating cube. Play in three different modes that test your word finding ability.
Word Pop
Can you find all the words that can be made from the scrambled letters? Hurry, there's a timelimit.
Keyboard Kids
Test your typing skills as you type the letters that fall. The screen fills with water if missed.
Word Frenzy
Type the words as fast as you can or you will die a horrible death. Speed you type is tracked.
Spider-Man 2 Web of Words
Make Spider-Man climb up the building as you unscramble the words. Hard!
Typing Game Collection
Type the letters in multiple typing games, including ones with soldiers and military vehicles.
Valentine Word Drop
Mixed up words slowly drop, you have to reorganize the letters to make Valentines words.
Word Scrambles Countries
The worlds countries are scrambled and it's up to you to unscramble their names.
Your everyday crossword puzzle, but without the questions.
Word Search
Lots and lots of words in a this word search.
Type Masta
Type the letters as they come up to become a fast typer.
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